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Bulgarian by birth, Fanka worked on music videos in Sofia that was the catalyst for her to move to UK in 2004. She began studying cinematography at Bournemouth University where she completed her BA (hons) in 2011. She created many short films and became a part of a great network . She started at the bottom of the hire chain at the camera department where she worked on bigger scale features films. This gave her valuable industry experience.
Determined to gain further experience in long form story telling that used high end cinema equipment she worked full time on Asian cinema where she completed 6 feature films ,including the Bollywood block buster Judwaa 2, working her way up the camera department ladder. She has now progressed to working on English feature Films like “Give them Wings” that won London Independent Film Awards 2020 Winner Best British Feature. ”The Haunting of Lunquetot https://www.tholmovie.com/proj...


Fanka has now worked her way up the camera department ranks to DOP. She is competent in all facets of filming like pulling focus on a crane or smoothly operating the camera using tracks. She is based in London where she rents Arri, Red, Sigma and Black Magic cameras, Cooke, Zeiss and Angenieux lenses with all the modern head and grip support. 

Her passion for filmmaking, knowledge and access to high end gear lets her be flexible with budget. Renting gear with her skills to production’s allows flexibility to meet directors vision. The ability to structure a shoot like making lighting plans, shot list and previsualisation helps for a smooth shoot. She’s a well connected and able to execute any project on time and on budget. Her extensive industry connections enable her to source people and gear to help bring life to the projects from script to completion.